Recent Projects

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with a diverse group of clients such as Google, Merrell, and a variety of local Chicago businesses.

Here are a few projects I've recently completed:

Google Mobile Pitch Kit

Reduce your bounce rate and boost conversions with these tips from Google.

The Google Mobile Pitch Kit is an interactive sales deck for Google Partner agencies to use to promote the importance of having a fast mobile site to their clients. Agencies can customize the deck with their client’s mobile speed and compare it to the speeds of their competitors and the industry average, as well as select three custom quick fixes that would improve their client’s speed.

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Google Mobile Pitch Kit


Strengthen your search engine with the power of natural language.

Twiggle created a Semantic API that integrates with existing e-commerce search engines to allow users to use natural language to deliver more accurate results. The key objectives of the project were to introduce potential clients to the benefits of the technology, explain how it works to engineers, and convert interest into sales leads through requesting a demo.

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Google Partner Rewards

Running successful Google AdWords campaigns for your clients has never been so rewarding.

Google Partner Rewards is a quarterly contest where agencies compete against each other to win prizes by exceeding specific sales goals. Initially launched in Summer 2015 for the United States and Canada, the success of the original sites led to the program expanding into a network of 56 individual sites for countries across Europe, Asia, and South America.

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Google Partner Rewards

Sterling Partners

Inspiring growth through exceptional talent and strategic investing.

Sterling Partners is a private equity firm that invests in small to mid-market companies in the healthcare and business services industries. The goal of this project is to attract new companies and talent by outlining their strategic approach to investing and highlighting successful businesses who have benefitted from this approach as well as the key team members who make it all happen.

  • Role: Front-end development, custom WordPress theme development
  • Design: Gage Salzano for Nelson Cash
  • Updated: January 2017

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Sterling Partners

Camp Wandawega

A little Wisconsin getaway with a big history.

Originally designed and developed in 2013, a return trip to Camp Wandawega in September 2016 inspired us to revisit the project to focus on the camp’s collaborations with brands and attracting groups of visitors for company retreats, weddings, and other events. In addition, the camp’s fascinating history includes stints as a prohibition-era hideout for organized crime, a family lake resort, and even a Catholic church camp, all packed into the last 100 years in sleepy Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

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Camp Wandawega

About Me

I am a Senior Front-End Developer specializing in creating custom themes for WordPress and Craft CMS. Currently, I am working remotely from Chicago for Nelson Cash out of Portland, Oregon on a bunch of exciting marketing projects for Google.

Previously, I was Lead Developer and Technical Director at Someoddpilot, where I worked with Wolverine Worldwide’s family of footwear brands, such as Merrell, Chaco, and Cat Footwear, as well as many Chicago cultural institutions including the Empty Bottle and Longman & Eagle.

I'm currently available for full-time employment opportunities and interesting freelance projects.

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